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What the stuff is this roti maker?

It is simply an electronic device used in making rotis so quickly. Minimum effort and less time in making a the real plus points of this device. Users can make a roti that is so nice in shape. Roti made in this roti maker machine will be so soft, thin and tasty.

What are the materials used in the making of roti maker?

Roti maker is a product made with fully stainless steal body. So it will not allow the dough to stick in it, and is coated with plastic which is free of damage.

What are the real highlights of roti maker?

It comes with a light to indicate the heating process. It has a well crafted handle to press the two plates tightly. The cords and plastic used in the device is of a high quality. The product is easy to clean, a simple wipe with a wet cloth can fulfill the cleaning of this device.

Explain the steps to use the roti maker?

The device can be used by following simple procedures. Users need to place the dough in the middle of the lower plate, and press the upper plate tightly on it with the handle above it. Give some time to get the dough rolled automatically to the shape of a roti. Lift the handle and make the roti burn for some time, the air bubble will come up, and at that time turn the roti to the next side and again close the upper lid by the switch on. The red light will keep blinking at the time the upper lid gets pushed up by the roti. It indicates that the cooking is complete. Users can have the roti cooked in less time, so simply.

Do the roti maker consume so much of electricity?

No, roti maker is a highly economical product. It consumes very little power. Users do not have to bother about the electricity bill. It is a within the budget product. Saves cooking gas, power, and effort. Full value for money users spent. Hence guaranteed of full services as the product delivers.

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